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Is Your Love Growing Cold?


It’s the winter season and everyone wants to feel the warmth of knowing they’re loved. How is your love towards others, especially those closest to you? Do you find that in the stress of anticipating the goals for the year, or with this flu season – that you’re retreating, avoiding people or just feeling alone? Check your pulse and take your own temperature. “Medicate” with wisdom, inspiration and self-love: it will take wisdom to understand all you’re capable of accomplishing with God’s help, inspiration to motivate yourself beyond ‘you’, and self-love to accept God’s love for you so that you can properly love others. So grow in love towards others. As we get through this winter season, ensure that you maintain a warm heart so that God’s love (through you) reflects outwardly.

Merry Christmas 2017



Celebrate the holiday season with family and friends! Give the gift of inspiration, Image Confidence Esteem (the book). A perfect gift for all ages.

I pray that you’re blessed with love, joy and inspiration this Christmas and throughout the New Year.

Merry Christmas and Happy 2018!

Evacuation Plan


Evacuation calls…but where do we go?

Whether it’s a storm, torrential season in life, or a defeated mindset – evacuate, quickly! Don’t sit pondering for one second.

You might ask, “but how do I plan to evacuate?”

If you encounter a negative mindset while having a difficult conversation or if you’re facing a disaster, escape to where God is. He is found in song and in prayer. I found my escape in the song- We Will Not be Shaken (Jesus We Love You) – it renewed my mindset and gave me peace amidst the storm.

~My prayers are with those impacted by the hurricanes this season.