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Evacuation Plan


Evacuation calls…but where do we go?

Whether it’s a storm, torrential season in life, or a defeated mindset – evacuate, quickly! Don’t sit pondering for one second.

You might ask, “but how do I plan to evacuate?”

If you encounter a negative mindset while having a difficult conversation or if you’re facing a disaster, escape to where God is. He is found in song and in prayer. I found my escape in the song- We Will Not be Shaken (Jesus We Love You) – it renewed my mindset and gave me peace amidst the storm.

~My prayers are with those impacted by the hurricanes this season.



Think of the things that you focus on, and whether or not they have your full attention. Determine what’s really worthy of your attention. There are times in life when what we focus on may actually be a distraction. Pay attention to what and who is important in your life, and that’s what/who you should focus on.